My 100 Questions – Part 6

51. Gita has the concept of four castes (Chathurvarnyam).  So who has created the other castes and religions?

Hindu God Krishna said, ‘Chathur varnyam maya sritam’. OK, agreed. But who has created the other castes in Hindu? And who has created Christians, Muslims etc?

52. Theists say God is beyond Logic. Then, how they have decided God’s existence? Was it imagination or Logic?


53. Theists say “God bless you”. But we see non-blessed in every religion. Why?

Did that God has no power? One or two persons say “By God’s grace I passed the examination”. But another 24 or 36 persons failed in that examination. Are they not fit for God’s grace?

54. Don’t you know that killing will cause pain to animals? How will you justify killing animals for food?

We have enough vegetarian food in the world. Then why should you kill (or make others killing) animals for food? If you are a believer of a kind hearted God, stop the sin of eating his own children. If you are a rationalist, think that pain is same to all creatures which have mind and brain (Excluding plants) and stop killing your dear domestic animals for food.

55. When will people become civilized enough to stop eating meat while Religions failed to make them kind-hearted?

There is no use of religion if it is not able to teach you to stop eating meat. If God can not stop pain in the world, what is the use of pray? Are you tiger or lion? Are you not civilized enough to avoid the painful killing of animals for food? Will you agree if somebody eat your meat telling that it is tasty and telling that God had created you for his food? Why can’t you stop that dirty habit of making your stomach a crematorium?

56. Why should human eat meat and make the stomach a crematorium? Why no God comes to save the poor animals?

Plants have life but they don’t have brain to know pain. So please don’t compare. Pain will be the same for humans and animals. What is your justification in eating meat? If it is your taste, then human meat also may be tasty. Dear Theists, please think that killing is a sin and desist from that habit. Dear Atheists, please think that your cattle, goat, rabbit, etc. believe in you. They come to you when you call them. They think you are his owner and you will protect them. But you put the knife on its neck! Are you lion or tiger? If it is painful to you, it will be the same for them as well. So please desist from the habit of eating meat. I want to know your justification in killing animals. Please keep in mind that everybody will see your answer. So give the answer logically.

57. How can you claim your religion is good if it has not prevents you from killing and eating innocent animals?

Those who do not believe in any religion may also give their justification in eating meat. Pain is the same to all living things which had a brain to feel it. Then why do you follow that cruel habit?

58. We know great people worked for humans. Do you know anybody worked for animals which cannot give fees or fame?

I am not talking about dog lovers etc. But about such great personalities who give importance to all animals from ants to elephants. I hope a religious person cannot think so.

59. Hindus are running behind everything to worship it. Do you agree with these words of Swami Vivekananda?

Hindus could not survive without worshiping something, he said. Was he right?

60. Why Muhammad couldn’t follow Jesus and Budha couldn’t accept Hinduism? What was wrong with Christianity/Hinduism?

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