My 100 Questions – Part 7

61. Hindus, if Gandhari could curse and destroy Krishna’s tradition, was she not more powerful than Krishna?

Mahabharata says, Gandhari cursed Srikrishna for his causing Kurukshetra war and hence destroyed him and his tradition. So Gandhari was powerful than Krishna. Then why should the Hindus worship Krishna?

62. What are the abilities of your God? Can he make currency notes from paper, if he can feed 5000 from 5 breads?

I am very much interested to know the abilities and disabilities (if any) of the God you worship

63. Help me to answer my child’s doubt: What is the qualification to become God? How God has got his position?

Because of his innocence, my 10 year old child wishes to become God. He is ready to sacrifice or learn anything for this purpose. But I don’t know how it is possible. I don’t know what the present God has done for his getting that position. But it is not the child’s mistake to wish to get such a position and thereby helping the whole universe. Everybody should get equal chance to reach in a high position. Why the present God is so greedy to his chair?


64. Tell me theists, how the God became a God. Was He/She having any qualification for that?

65. Will you care if an ant prays to you for saving it? If not, then how can you expect God will care yours?

Big ones have no time to listen the little ones. That is a truth we know. Still most people pray. Is it not the first wonder in the world?

66. Do you agree that God is the cause of all the hereditary diseases?

It is scientifically proved that some diseases are hereditary. People say that God is our forefather. So what is wrong in saying that he is the reason for such diseases?

67. Why God has created wicked people, waiting to see them more wicked, and cut their head finally? Is God Mad?

Sisupal is an example. If God has created him as a cruel person, it is God’s mistake. God could have changed his mind in the initial stages. It is God’s mistake waiting to see him more cruel and wicked. Lastly God has killed him. That is also a mistake of God because killing is not a remedy for eradicating cruelty from this world. So my conclusion is, either God is Mad or Hi is a pacca fool. What you say?

68. God will kill us as a farmer reaps the harvest. Farmer sows to reap. God creates to take back. What is the use of pray?

God is like a farmer who destroys everything he sows. Our cry will not reach his ears. Then why the hell religions ask us to pray?

69. Religious God creates lakhs of seeds for one to take birth. Is it not enough to prove his inefficiency?

70. Answer this if you believe in soul. What happens to a soul inside the operation theatre?

After giving sedation, when the body is operated, can you explain what happens to the soul inside it? If the soul is watching the operation as a third person, why it could not able to remember it afterwards? Soul and mind are one and the same, existed only when the brain is active. Is it not the truth?

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  1. Excellent series of questions. The asking of such questions is the beginning of logical thought. If only the majority would do so!

  2. Excellent series of questions. The asking of such questions is the beginning of logical thought. If only the majority would do so!

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