“Manushyarariyan” A Book By Maitreya Free Download

“Manushyarariyan” A Book By Maitreya  Free Download

“Manushyarariyan” (Malayalam)

A Book By Maitreya  
For Humans to Know (English ) 



  1. The Meaning of Life
  2. Is there a beginning for the Universe?
  3. Origin of life
  4. Everything and every one is modern
  5. Co-operation is a natural phenomenon
  6. Birth,Death and Sex
  7. Who created god?
  8. The continental Drift
  9. Territorial Sense and the Sense of Identity
  10. Are miracles possible?
  11. Invention of Agriculture and the Formation of City States
  12. TheChangingParameters
  13. The Identity of Multiple Identities
  14. The Evolution of Sexuality in Human beings
  15. Parenting
  16. Origin of Moral Codes
  17. What is the Cause of Unequal Development?
  18. TheUnequal-HierarchicalSociety
  19. Who Changes the World?
  20. The Quantum Jump brought by Language
  21. The Subjugation to White Skin
  22. Inventions are the Cause of Historical Progress
  23. Is it possible to Love your Neighbours as Yourself?
  24. The‘Useless’OldPeople
  25. Fear is the Anticipated Knowledge and God is Ignorance Incarnated
  26. Social Recognition is as Important as Food
  27. Some Mechanisms of Domination
  28. The Exaggerated Existence of Mystics
  29. The Adoration of the Sacred
  30. The Role Played by Microbes in Colonial Expansion
  31. The Real Picture of ‘Colonialism’
  32. ‘Progress’ is not a One-Way Traffic Affair
  33. The Person in a Hierarchical Society
  34. Everyone is Altruistic
  35. The‘Selfish’Politicians
  36. The Core of Self-Realization
  37. Is ‘Realization of Truth’Possible?
  38. The Key to AllSuccess
  39. The Motive Behind All Charitable Action
  40. Creation of Wealth is the Only Solution
  41. A Little critique of Marxist Positions
  42. The Extremist Positions and the ‘Tribal’Question
  43. The Difference of City and Village at a Glance
  44. Some Thoughts on Alcohol
  45. Killing and Vegetarianism
  46. Wealth and Population Explosion
  47. The Distance from Subject to Citizen
  48. TheCondemnedInstitutions
  49. The Story of NuclearFamily
  50. The‘Neglected’Parents
  51. The Origin of SexWork
  52. What is Morality?
  53. Is there ‘progress’?
  54. Equality–TheModernValue
  55. Ecology
  56. This is the Best of All Times
  57. The Preciousness of Life