My 100 Questions – Part 1

1. We select everything by checking them good or bad. But why did we select Religion without a check?

2. Is God having a necessity for the creation?
Creation starts when necessity arises. But God is Almighty, religion says. He has no necessity for anything. Then why did he create the Universe? Is he Mad? Or is he a fool?
3. Why should we pray to God?
How much long we pray, God will never come and take us to the other side. It is our duty to walk and reach the other side. God will never come and brush our teeth. It is also our duty to clean our teeth and mind. Then why should one pray?
4. God didn’t help Jesus or Arjuna in trouble, then how can He help us?
Jesus Cried of pain when he was punished in the holy cross- “Oh! God, help, help”. But God didn’t answer his pray.
In Hindu Mythology also Krishna didn’t help Arjuna in his last hours.
Then how can we believe that God will help us?
5. How Nishkama karma possible as mentioned in Gita? Can there be an action without a wish?
There will not be a Karma(action) without a Kama(wish). If one pours water on an inverted pot, we call him Mad. Even a Mother’s love to her child had a wish behind that is to get happiness out of it. We are taking breath unknowingly, but sill it has a Kama ‘to live’. Similarly, to every action there will be a wish behind. Then, how did Krishna, the Hindu God advice Arjuna to do the war without thinking the result? He was cheating Arjuna, actually. Krishna had a wish behind the war. That was to make the Pandavas ruling the Kingdom, Hastinapura. What nonsense! Krishna can have a wish but others cannot! Any scholars of Gita can give me the answer to this?
6. What is meant by liberation? And who needs it, the Body, Mind or the Soul?
From the books of Vedanta, I could understand that Liberation is Mukti. But Mukti is from what? Please note that I do not believe in Rebirth. Also, the Vedanta says Body is not eternal, it is Naswara. Mind is also Anatma according to the theory of Vedanta. And the Soul is always liberated. So I am confused. Please help me to know which of the three needs liberation?
7. Why did Jesus, Allah, Vishnu or any Gods could not invent a Computer, Mobile phone, Train or an atom Bomb?

8. How the sacrifice can please God? Is He a sadist?
Almost in all Religions, sacrifice has an important roll. Christ, Mohammed, Budha, Rama are examples. Fasting is a common sacrifice in Hindu and Muslim Religions. Is it not a Ragging? Smashing ones own head also can please God?
9. Which Religion can convert an Atheist into a believer?
Friends, I am an Atheist. I could not follow blind beliefs. Someone help me to convince me logically or by their prayers that there is a Creator God. Atleast they help me to shift the black mole in my left arm to my right arm by their prayers. I heard their God can do such miracles. I will be thankful to them and am ready to accept their religion.
10. Why the Omnipotent God needs a prophet, son or incarnation to save people?
Why can’t he change the world by a fractional thought?
Why can’t he make the world free from all sins?
If he did either of these two, then he need not take pain to send his son, prophet or take different incarnations again and again.
Shall we conclude that God is not omnipotent?