My 100 Questions – Part 2

11. Is it not a mistake of Creator not placing devotional interest in the minds of creations like sexual interest?

This question has been put forward by a Saint to make us think on the subject and so please answer it seriously.
All people are attracted towards the opposite sex without any compulsion from parents or priests, without going to any coaching classes, without a pray in Churches/ Mosques/ Temples, that we know. If all were blessed with such a strong interest in devotion also, what were wrong?

12. Do you think that chanting God’s names will give you benefit? Please tell me how it works?

In every Religion, we see chanting OR holy bath OR pilgrimage OR fasting as a custom. But we know frogs are also chanting something. What is the difference? The people living nearby holy river Ganga take bath everyday in it. Are they benefited? We see people die in accidents while they attend pilgrimage. We see beggars fasting almost every day. Are they also be benefited?

13. Life is not Christian, not Muslim, not Hindu. Body also has no religions, then why do we fight for religion?

God has not given anything special physically to identify a Christian from a Hindu or a Muslim from a Buddhist. He was able to do that if he desires so. He has given a trunk to the Elephant, wings to the birds etc. to differentiate them from other species. But see people all over the world quarrelling each other claiming that their religion is good and other religions are small. What nonsense?

14. What is the difference between the life of a theist and that of an atheist?

We see good & kind hearted people leading a peaceful life among non believers and rough & worried people among believers, and vice-versa. Can we tell any specialty or achievement in a believer? He spends more time and money for his rituals but what he gets in return?

15. Do the departed souls need food to survive & shelter to live in peace? If so, how they receive our offerings?

In death anniversaries of parents, people offer some food believing that souls will receive it. Since the souls have no physical body, do they really need food? It is a known fact that if we offer food by chanting some slogans, even our living father sitting nearby, is neither getting it nor his hunger being stopped. Then how his soul will get it in the sky after his death?

16. Who was ruling this Universe before the existence of your God?

If you believe in Karma theory, how it is possible to take birth in the first time, since there was no Karma in the previous birth!

17. What were the hobbies of your God before he starts creation?

Unnecessarily creating people, not providing sufficient infrastructure and killing them at the end, that is his hobby after the creation. But can you explain what was he doing before the creation?

18. How can we believe that we can influence God? Is it fair to influence him?

Please help to clear my doubt. I don’t know even to influence my Chief Minister or Chief Justice. Then how can I believe that I can influence God by doing some rituals? Moreover is it fair on my part?

19. ‘One caste, one religion, one God’- What is the one cast? What is the one religion? What is the one God? Is it yours or mine?

Narayana Guru’s above teaching was criticised by Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi. Do you agree with Sivayogi?

20. How the 18 chapters of Gita were finished before the short interval of war? Was the war stopped for 1 or 2 days for teaching Gita?

I am surprised how Lord Krishna explains all those hard philosophies to Arjuna in the middle of kurukshtra war. Anybody thinking like me will get the answer please?

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  1. Do u think it is interesting to see the writer of Ramayana had the knowledge of aircraft, perhaps the kind of the first thought in the whole history about a machine flying in the sky in such a remote age…?

    • Dream and imagination to fly like birds in the sky was always there. It doesn’t mean that the writer had the knowledge of an aircraft. Moreover, it was a ‘pushpak viman’ and was not a machine as you have pointed out. Thanks for your comment.

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