What % of people are Non- Religious / Religious

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  • Alex

    Please check your stats with wikipedia.org

    • any difference ?

      • Alex

        Lots of difference:
        for eg:
        (1) In Japan the no. of non religious is abt 70%
        (2) In France abt 31% are atheists and 26% agnostics. Catholics are just 25%.
        (3) In china 18% are Buddhist, 15% are atheist and 3.2% are Christian.
        20-30% of the population adheres to Shenism or Taoism.

        You will have to rework the entire table.
        As you see your statistics differ from wikipedia.

        Wikipedia is more reliable as it gives multiple references for each stat and is more democratic.

        • Thanks Alex for the correct info. Will rework it soon.

          • Alex, can you share the wiki link?

          • Alex

            You will have to search articles on each country on wikipedia. It is a bit more tedious than taking the data from Japan Research Institute Center, Dentsu Guide. But it will be worth the effort.
            The data on wikipedia has more number of references based on number of surveys done in these countries. So it is bound to be more reliable.