My 100 Questions – Part 5

41. 100 people say 101 different answers about their concept of God to my last question, why?

Being an Atheist, I am neutral to all religions. I can accept God if everybody give the common answer. Please help.
42. In your belief, what to pray, when to pray, where to pray, whom to pray, will it be answered in this life?

1) What to pray if He knows everything?
2) When to pray if He is always within you?
3) Where to pray if He is everywhere?
4) Whom to pray if He is duff and dumb? That is if He has no ears, brain, conscious, mind, or passion?
5) If it will be answered after death, what is the use.? If the doctor says to take the medicines in this life and the cure will be in next birth, will you agree?
43. For what reason God created Man on Earth itself when other planets are available in different galaxies?What makes the Earth different from other planets?
44. Was your God naked before he created cotton, silk or elastic on earth? Why he had created atheists?

How can your God wear underwear without using elastic or cotton? Atheists are creating problems to God and his believers by raising such difficult questions. Why can’t he remove us from earth?
45. What prevents God creating people in all planets and make them worshiping him?

Then He can be more proud and happy. Moon, Venus etc. are vacant.
46. Theists, can you define God? Is it real or imaginary? Atheists, can you agree with their definition?

Without knowing definition, how can we say it exists or not? Tell me please. I am neutral to hear from both of you.
47. Do you believe in Kummanandy? You will ask what is it. Do you believe in God? Why can’t you ask what is it?

Define God not more than five sentences in your belief. Then only one can decide whether to believe it or not. Is it not the correct way?
48. Who is important, Police or God? Why did the police give protection to God in Temples?

You say God protects and saves you and go to temples to pray. But in temples, the police protect and save God? So, tell me Theists, who is important, Police or God?
49. If God appears before you and ask your left hand thumb, will you cut it and give him with a smile?

People say faith has no need of logic. That is why I ask this question.
50. Krishna said He is the father of Universe. But He starts war to kill Kowravas. Is it the father’s dharma?

Kowravas also are his sons as He is the father of Universe. Why He should wait and see them becoming wicked, and killing them in war? If He is Almighty, He can very well change their mind and convert them good people. If Krishna has a Boss, wouldn’t he put Krishna in hell for this crime?

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