Karnataka Rationalist Association

The first state level rationalist meet will be held on the 14th of March 2010 primarily to strengthen the rationalist movement in the state, to incorporate scientific temper, to fight against superstitions, miracles and fundamentalism. Most importantly, we aim to encourage the youth to join the movement. We wish to have the support of people from  all walks of life. No restrictions of delegation for attending the conference. But only two persons from each district are allowed to present a paper on the above subject.

Date : 14.03.2010
Time : 10.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M
Venue : Akhila Karnataka Makkala Koota,
Pampa mahakavi road,Fort, Chamarajpet,
Bangalore – 560018

(Near Kannada sahitya parishath and opp. to City institute club)

For further details/clarifications contact by
e-mail: babukadur44@gmail.com
phone : 9886679088 and

1 Comment on “Karnataka Rationalist Association

  1. Where and Who is God ?

    By idea the God ( HE / SHE / IT ) must be :
    Something Infinity Absolute it means to be in every place
    And something Absolute Concrete/ Limited it means
    to be exactly in the concrete place.

    Can God create our World without physics laws and formulas ?
    The answer is: No !
    Have physicists found these two Absolute parameters
    in the Universe ?
    My answer is: Yes !
    One Infinity Absolute Parameter is Vacuum: T=0K.
    Second Absolute Concrete/ Limited Parameter is speed of
    Quantum of Light in Vacuum: c=1.

    Using these two Absolute Parameters I explain
    the creation of the Universe step by step.
    == .
    Thomas Jefferson wrote in the letter to Joseph Milligan, April 6, 1816
    / …the more a subject is understood,
    the more briefly it may be explained. /

    Einstein said:
    / You do not really understand something unless
    you can explain it to your grandmother. /

    I think everybody can understand my theory.
    ==== .
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik. / Socratus.

    ===================== . .

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