My 100 Questions – Part 4…

31. If liberation is after death, how scholars came to know that? The dead never come back to tell it. How then? Religions tell to believe what they say. Even if nobody can experience it by searching it day and night, you will have to believe it. Religions tell to believe the non logic and untruth. 90% of the world believes what religion says. No creature under the sun has such a mis belief like humans have. Is it not a surprise?

32. Rama killed a sudraka who was in meditation, Sreeramakrishna performed rituals using meat. What ignorance? Harichandra also tried to kill a brahmin boy to escape from illness. See the ignorance of the religious beliefs. Why can’t they think that killing is a sin?

33. We take the essence of cane sugar and throw away the rubbish. In case of religion, people accept full. Why? Everything in nature, even if it is made by God as some believe, have essence and waste. But, when I point out the waste things in your religion, you will become angry. Is it good?

34. You are not sure about the shape and character of God and not sure about hell and heaven. Still pray blindly?

35. The nature of God is creating unnecessary and killing at the end. Then why should one pray?
If our actions can please such a God, then the actions have a meaning. But from the well known Habit of God, it is evident that he will certainly kill all his children. The creation and destruction is a play of that cruel God. If anybody try to please him, he will be angry. He doesn’t like someone interfering that play. He likes the Atheists because they wouldn’t try to divert him. Am I right?

36. Before creation nobody had sin. Religions say God is Almighty. Why can’t He create people with good qualities?
Dear Philosophers, Scientists, Rulers, Living Gods, Priests, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs,…….If your God had created people with kind heartiness, helping mentality, common sense, etc. when He starts the first creation itself, nobody will have sins. He is capable to do so since He is Almighty according to your Religions. In that case He need not strain to make hell and heaven. And need not take pain to take different Incarnations or send Sons, prophets etc. It is His mistake and we are not responsible for our sins. If I argue like this, what answer you have in support of your various beliefs?

37. Why some people are getting angry when I question their religious books/beliefs by simple logic?
Bible, Gita or Quran contain 1 % truth and 99% false.

38. The basic concept of God in Bible, Gita & Quaran is He is the Creator. If He was full, what was the necessity?

39. Why did one depend ‘Faith’ to believe ones own religion while depends ‘logic’ to criticise other Religions?

40. Can you answer the following data about God in your belief?
1) Name of your God:
2) Shapes/Forms like Man, Animal etc:
3) Forms like Heat, Wind etc:
4) Passions like kindness, love etc:
5) Passions like angry, sadness etc:
6) Abilities like Omnipresence, Omnipotence etc:
7) Works/Duties like Creation, destruction etc:
8 ) Knowledge like Science, Maths etc:
9) knowledge like Languages, Astrology etc:
10) Incarnations/sons/prophets like Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad etc

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