Month: April 2010

Debate: Religion and Culture

Debate: Religion and Science

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The Fangs of Fanaticism

Mohamed Shiyaz (20) is a final year B.A Philosophy student studying at University College, Thiruvanathapuram.Last night, he was mercilessly thrown out of his home by his fanatic father in the most dismissive manner.

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INFIDEL – A debate

KERALA YUKTHIVADI SANGHOM(KYS) Kozhikode District Committee is conducting A DEBATE On the International best seller INFIDEL, Autobiography of Ayan Hirsi Ali

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My 100 Questions – Part 8

I have a suggestion here. Throw stones against the places of worship. If God really exists, he/she will definitely jump out to punish you. Immediately fall in his feet and ask for forgiveness. This is the only way left to know whether God is real or imaginary.