Month: March 2010

Imagine no religion

Imagine no religion

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Religion in Schools

The rights of the people to be free to exercise their religious and philosophical beliefs” includes *by necessity* the right to abstain from the practise of any religious and philosophical beliefs. This right cannot be guaranteed in any environment wherein

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My 100 Questions – Part 7

61. Hindus, if Gandhari could curse and destroy Krishna’s tradition, was she not more powerful than Krishna? Mahabharata says, Gandhari cursed Srikrishna for his causing Kurukshetra war and hence destroyed him and his tradition. So Gandhari was powerful than Krishna.

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Astrologers Wanted

Nirmukta* is looking for astrologers and astrology software to predict the year ahead for noted skeptics from around the world, as well as for the contributors at Nirmukta. If you are interested or have information that could help, please contact

My 100 Questions – Part 6

51. Gita has the concept of four castes (Chathurvarnyam).  So who has created the other castes and religions? Hindu God Krishna said, ‘Chathur varnyam maya sritam’. OK, agreed. But who has created the other castes in Hindu? And who has

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