Astrology & Astronomy (Malayalam) Prof K Pappootty – Story of Astrology

Programme organized byYukthivadi sangham(Palakkad) Kerala
Govt UP School Thathamangalam, palakkad , on 1st May , 2016
Story of Astrology (ജ്യോതിഷത്തിന്റെ കഥ) Was a study class as part if the programme organized by Yukthivadi Sangham (Palakkad) at Govt. UP Scholl Tattamangalam, Palakkad on 1st May, 2016 delivered by Prof. K. Papooty, a science writer and teacher. This video was shot during that session.

Astrology, he says, began from our need for timekeeping. The ability to record and predict the cycle of weather was pivotal in agricultral societies. Unlike what many would say, Astrology was not discovered in India. Babylonia is noted in history as the origin of Astrology. The observation of the cycle of moon and sun gave origin to the concept of month and year. Stars were assgined to particular day of the month: the prominent star in the arc of sky where the moon moves thorugh in that day.

All those technical terms were used to confuse and amaze people. Since astrologers were able to predict the weather, they claimed they could predict personal futures.

The history of how it came to India and how we know is discussed too.

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