My 100 Questions – Part 8

71. Do you suggest a method to know whether God is real or imaginary?

I have a suggestion here. Throw stones against the places of worship. If God really exists, he/she will definitely jump out to punish you. Immediately fall in his feet and ask for forgiveness. This is the only way left to know whether God is real or imaginary.

72. Mind is lifting us up or pull us down and not God. But people try to convince God and not their mind, why?

One’s mind makes him a Criminal or a lover of peace. War is initiated inside the mind of a ruler. Mind makes one happy or sad. It is not God but mind is doing a crime and put one in prison. It is not God or ghost encourages one to kill another but his mind. But generally people pray God for everything. Try to control the mind is better than trying to turn God in our way. Running behind an imaginary is a waste. Why can’t those religions teach people to convince, control, and keep happy their mind?


73. In your opinion, why should you pray daily? Will God forget what you prayed yesterday?

74. Rama killed Ravana for getting his wife back. Pandava killed kauravas for their kingdom. Are Gods Selfish?

Both the wars were for selfish gains. If it were for the public interest, Rama and Krishna might have been respected.

75. Religions say God is inside your heart. Then why you are searching God outside?

Hindus, Gita says: ‘Iswara sarvabhuthanam hriddese Arjuna thishtati’. That means God is inside your heart. But believers are searching God outside. They go for pilgrimage, churches, temples, mosques, gurudwaras. Performing various rituals, sacrifices etc. etc. Is it not against that teaching? Why can’t you meditate to find him in your heart? Atleast you can save your time and money. You can escape from accidents during pilgrimage. Why can’t you agree that God is inside and not outside?

76. Can u show me a sentence in a Holy book permitting to kill and eat innocent animals while u get plenty veg?

77. It is said that God has no friend or enemy and He is neutral. Then why do you pray to get his love?

I expect answers from all religious people. I read in Hindu’s Gita, Krishna says: “Nah mee dwesho nah Priyah” meaning, I have no friend or enemy. But Hindus also pray to God for getting his love and affection. Does it not understand him properly and against him?

78. Without prayer God kills us and does his duty well. Then why should we pray to save? Is it also not his duty?

It is not because of our prayer that God ends our life. As a destroyer God knows how to do his duty and He is doing it perfectly. It is not because of our prayer that the wind blows and the Sun shines. Everything in nature will work automatically. Then why should one prays to save or for other needs?
If you have no answer, please stop praying from today onwards and practice Meditation (Rajayoga)

79. How the religions say creator is the destroyer of everything? Is it not an insult to God? Eating own child?

Every religion is insulting God by saying that He is the destroyer also. What is this? Stop believing religions and practice meditation (Rajayoga) for peace of mind and liberation from sadness.

80. Prayer or Silence, which will give peace? Calling the unknown or watching inside the mind, which is better?

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