Long List of Atheist YouTube Channels

Long List of Atheist YouTube Channels

IronChariotsWiki compiled a pretty long list of prominent atheist Youtubers which is given below verbatim

  1. Thunderf00t
    Creator of the Why do people laugh at creationists? series of videos, various science/astronomy videos, along with videos documenting his humiliation of VenomFangX.
  2. C0nc0rdance
    Pro-science and critical thinking videos. Is a molecular biologist. Created the Learning to Think Critically series.
  3. richarddawkinsdotnet
    The Richard Dawkins Foundation. Lectures, documentaries and interviews by Richard Dawkins.
  4. patcondell
    British stand-up comedian Pat Condell, with almost 150,000 followers (as of March 2011).
  5. FFreeThinker
    Various atheist and science videos, including more than hundred (as of June 2009) excerpts from The Atheist Experience*.
  6. MrEvilution777
    Brett Keane, very active creator of various atheist videos, often calling pastors and churches asking tough questions in a civil manner.
  7. ZOMGitsCriss (Cristina Rad)
    Romanian atheist woman. Christina Rad Blog
  8. AronRa*
    Creator of the Foundational Falsehood of Creationism series of videos.
  9. Potholer54
    Creator of the From Big Bang to Us – Made Easy series of videos. Also has another account, potholer54debunks for protection from digital millennium copyright act abuse, which acts as a backup channel.
  10. Edward Current
    Creates parodies of creationist videos which are sometimes mistaken for the real thing – see Poe’s law.
  11. MrsBettyBowers
    “Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian.” Christian satire.
  12. ExtantDodo
    Goes through creationist videos, such as those of Kent Hovind, and debunks their claims step by step.
  13. cdk007
    Many pro-evolution videos and creationist criticism.
  14. FightingAtheist
    Videos by an ex-Christian
  15. Nick Gisburne
    Account which was deleted by youtube for quoting the Qur’an. The Nick Gisburne story
  16. QualiaSoup*
    Pro-reason videos focused on correct use of logic and semantics. Uses graphics and animation. Notable videos include Critical Thinking, Putting faith in its place, and Open mindedness
  17. 1GOD1JESUS
    Father Greg, Christian evangelist satire
  18. AngieAntiTheist
    Former religious cult member.
  19. FactVsReligion
  20. KingHeathen
  21. MisterDeity
    God “behind the scenes” brilliant sketch comedy.
  22. NonStampCollector*
    Animated comedy demonstrating absurdities of Christianity.
  23. Tremick’s World
  24. BornWithoutReligion
  25. Richard “The Dick” Coughlan
    Suspended account.
  26. Search Coughlan666 on Youtube
  27. dprjones
    #10 most subscribed of all time from the UK.
  28. TheThinkingAtheist
    Former Christian who uses “satire, research and some common sense” to explore questions about God.
  29. TheraminTrees
    Like QualiaSoup, uses graphics and animation accompanied by narration. Creator of “Instruction Manual for Life”, a sort of parable about being raised in the church.
  30. DarkMatter2525
    Satirical animations, including the God & Jeffery series
  31. ZJemptv (Zinnia Jones)
    Discusses atheism, LGBT and transgender issues. Zinnia Jones blog
  32. TheAmazingAtheist (TJ Kirk)
    Political and social commentary
  33. AntiCitizenX
    Commentary on morality and the psychology of religion. Ten-part Psychology of Belief Series.
  34. bdwilson1000 – Religion, Atheism, Science (Derek Mathias)
    Collections of atheist and critical thinking videos. Author of: The Web’s Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism and More. Psychology of Belief series
  35. TheLivingDinosaur
    Scientific theory and criticism of creationism. Creator of the Holy Hallucinations series. See also The Living Dinosaur website.
  36. Coffee with Claire
    Anti-creationist commentary and criticism. (Channel name: WildwoodClaire1)
  37. Profmth Mitch
    Creator of the ‘Brief Bible Blunders’ Series
  38. Mr.Repzion
    Former Christian who actually started making videos while he was a Christian. Interesting channel as viewers can see his transition over a few years from Christian to deist to atheist.
  39. JaclynGlenn
    Religious commentary and refutations of various pieces of Christian media.
  40. TheAtheistVoice (Hemant Mehta)
    Informative videos many of which are lists of things Christians should or shouldn’t do when talking to atheists.
  41. EssenceOfThought
    Debunking of religious videos on Youtube.
  42. JamesRandiFoundation
    The James Randi Educational Foundation. Videos where James “The Amazing” Randi talks about various topics related to skepticism and critical thinking + debunks various forms of superstition.

Source: YouTube – Iron Chariots Wiki  | quora.com


Here are the 3 Malayalam language Youtube channels promoting atheism

  1. esSENSE Freethinkers’ Diary
  2. Rational Thoughts
  3. Kerala Freethinkers Forum – kftf

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