3 Comments on “Five minutes with: Richard Dawkins

  1. Human as we are, we have our beliefs. I like what Richard said that there is no reason to believe in anything for which is no evidence. I am a roman catholic but I believe that it’s up to us if we believe in God or not. We better make the most of what we got.

  2. I like what he said that we don’t need to believe what we don’t see. Everyone has the right practice what they believe in. God is being and it’s up to us if we believe in him or not. We just have to live our lives to the fullest.

  3. Interesting video and thoughts. I agree that we don’t have to believe what we don’t see, but it is also interesting how when we do believe in something, how are lives take a turn for the better. I personally find a “God” in the people that I love and surrounding myself with friends and family and positive influences.

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