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My 100 Questions – Part 8

I have a suggestion here. Throw stones against the places of worship. If God really exists, he/she will definitely jump out to punish you. Immediately fall in his feet and ask for forgiveness. This is the only way left to know whether God is real or imaginary.

My 100 Questions – Part 5

Being an Atheist, I am neutral to all religions. I can accept God if everybody give the common answer. Please help.

My 100 Questions – Part 4…

Rama killed a sudraka who was in meditation, Sreeramakrishna performed rituals using meat. What ignorance? Harichandra also tried to kill a brahmin boy to escape from illness. See the ignorance of the religious beliefs. Why can’t they think that killing is a sin?

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My 100 Questions – Part 3

Why God is not strong enough to prevent theft atleast in Churches, Mosques, Temples etc.?

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My 100 Questions – Part 2

Is it not a mistake of Creator not placing devotional interest in the minds of creations like sexual interest?

This question has been put forward by a Saint to make us think on the subject and so please answer it seriously.
All people are attracted towards the opposite sex without any compulsion from parents or priests, without going to any coaching classes, without a pray in Churches/ Mosques/ Temples, that we know. If all were blessed with such a strong interest in devotion also, what were wrong?

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My 100 Questions – Part 1

Creation starts when necessity arises. But God is Almighty, religion says. He has no necessity for anything. Then why did he create the Universe? Is he Mad? Or is he a fool?

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