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Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told

The Planet is fine...

The Planet is fine...The people are fucked. See the video

How stupid the average person

I want to live

Slow drivers

I think I am, therefore,I am. I think

Capitalism tries for a delicate balance

Separation of Church and State

I don't believe in..



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Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told

  • Sundaram

    The fundamentals on which religions were founded are 100% baseless superstitious stories created in the ancient when human brains could not think rationally about all falsifications of creativity and concomitant issues. As everything that we see and experience today was the result of evolution, ever since life was commenced on planet earth 500000000000r 20000000 or 5000 years ago, human brain too had to undergo evolution to gain progress in their thinking, hadn’t reached a stage or phase or level to think and question idiotic messages imparted to people’s mind by camouflaging them as messages sent down from higher ups in the skies by a god, which was born in the minds of social reformers. The shame about it is that even today in 2016 CE, people who were born to parents who belonged to certain religions in which they were born without any choice, continue to believe in information which are totally and logically irrational. The basic reason for it is that every child is brainwashed from the day he/she was born by his/her parents, relatives and society with the false and fundamentally wrong information. The governments or dictators who are in power also encourage this unpardonable crime to be continued as something meritorious as using a non-existent being is the most suitable methodology to cling on to power. A human brain which is stuffed with baseless stories is the worst human organ because it cannot change from its state of being to a rational one. I didn’t mean other human organs can be changed to different shapes or functions as they are useful only in their original shape. While in the case of the brain it was not left in its original form instead it is imparted with everything that is anti-logical. An animal which can be tamed and trained will never become a slave of the instructions which were given to its brain; it changes within a short period of time after its emancipation from slavery into its natural habitat.